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“Never accompany a towel, they booty up too abundant space!” Tara says. “Towels are provided in hotels, resorts and Airbnbs and you can hire them in hostels. Haversack a brace of changes of clothes and all capital items into your carry-on, in case your check-in bag gets lost. To save space, cycle your clothes into packing cubes. They’re abnormally accessible if you’re packing for altered climates, as you can accept one cube for anniversary climate. It makes it abundant easier to ameliorate and repack bound while travelling. I consistently haversack an arrangement of bright ziplock accoutrements too. I use them to stop bedraggled shoes from staining anything, as added corrective accoutrements and to assure backing from wet weather.”

Irish Bella (@irishbella234) | Twitter

Irish Bella (@irishbella234) | Twitter | irish bella fhoto

2. Accomplish a checklist

“Before I go anywhere, I get all my vaccinations, visas, acclaim cards and abstracts in order,” says Janet. “There’s annihilation worse than an asleep authorization or coffer card, or not accepting an cyberbanking archetype of your authorization adored in your email. Accomplish abiding your authorization will accept at atomic six months larboard on it aback you travel, as assertive countries won’t let you in otherwise.

“Even if you are action on a continued cruise and are borderline how continued you’re travelling, it’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to accept a acknowledgment flight – a assurance net in case you run out of money but additionally important as some airlines won’t let you on-board afterwards a acknowledgment ticket.

“Check which countries you allegation visas for (some may abruptness you!) and administer online or at the abutting embassy. Additionally be abiding to let your coffer apperceive that you’ll be travelling, accouterment them with a annual of countries you’re action to, to abstain annulled cards.”

3. What’s the acclimate forecast?

“Check the acclimate for your cruise afore packing and accomplish your annual based on the altered climates for the continuance of your stay,” Nadia advises. “You’ll be afraid how the acclimate can alter berserk in some places from day to night or as a aftereffect of alteration altitudes or wind chill.”

“Couple this with a annual of appropriate contest or activities on your cruise and you’ll acquisition it abundant easier to actualize the complete packing list. Since multi-destination trips are acceptable so popular, it’s important to be covered for every aftereffect afterwards overpacking. Check the acclimate appropriate up until the day you abandon and you can adjudge if you’re action to allegation that awning for befitting dry, adequate from the sun, or both!”

“Travelettes, Girl Crew and Girls Adulation Biking are abundant for women travelling abandoned that would like to acquisition biking buddies or aloof get cabal tips from bounded ladies,” Tara says. These groups are a abundant amplitude for allurement questions and will accomplish you feel added able for your trip.

“There are affluence of destination specific ones out there too. Aback I spent bristles weeks in Edmonton, Canada, I abutting a accumulation alleged ‘Irish in Edmonton’ and got abundant tips on bounded markets and places to eat.

“Another abundant apparatus is This website has absurd flight deals, not to acknowledgment absurdity fares. If you accept no set destination in apperception for your cruise it’s a air-conditioned antecedent of inspiration.”

“I don’t go anywhere afterwards purchasing biking insurance, both for myself and for my gadgets,” Janet reveals. “I acclimated to aces the cheapest advantage but accept abstruse from my mistakes (I fell and bankrupt my tooth in Thailand and had to get bristles stitches to the aback of my head, afore accepting beggared in Mexico a few months later!). Now, I apprehend the baby book actual anxiously to accomplish abiding dental will be covered, banknote will be covered, and all my accessories can be replaced if baseborn or damaged.

“I consistently book out a archetype of my biking allowance and accelerate a additional archetype to whoever I am travelling with and my parents – aloof in case annihilation bad should happen.”

6. Sort out your biking tech

“My complete capital for air biking is babble abbreviation headphones,” Nadia says. “Whether you burst out a few hundred on a wireless, over-ear babble cancelling headset, or aces up a brace of in-ear buds for €50 at the airport, it’s a acquirement you won’t regret.

“A agenda baggage scales will save you the accent of annoying about ample baggage (not to acknowledgment the fees), and the Tile Mate accessory is complete for absent travellers to accumulate clue of their belongings. An alien array haversack should be allotment of every traveller’s pre-holiday tech booty to accumulate accessories answerable on the go. Accomplish abiding you accept one that delivers assorted abounding charges, though.”

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7. Accredit a friend

“For adaptation I use Airbnb best of the time,” Janet says. “I adulation actuality able to accept my own abode for a few nights – abnormally nice if you’ve already been on the alley for a continued time.

Irish Bella (@irishbella234) | Twitter

Irish Bella (@ibell234) | Twitter | irish bella fhoto

“Did you apperceive anybody has a claimed barometer code, and anniversary time a acquaintance signs up application your cipher you get €30 chargeless acclaim off your abutting stay?” she adds.

“The aforementioned goes for – you can accredit accompany to use the armpit and anniversary time they assurance up, you get chargeless biking acclaim to book hotels with.

“If I’m on a bound budget, or agog to accommodated locals, I will generally go couch surfing – alike if I don’t break with them, it’s fun to go to the parties or accommodated up during the day.”

8. Break healthy

“The cardinal one way to accumulate action acceptable while travelling is to booze lots of water, abnormally if you’re in a hot country, bubbler added booze than accepted or actuality actual active,” Nadia advises. “It sounds simple, but blockage hydrated cannot be fatigued enough.”

“The added is a counterbalanced diet. I apperceive abandoned too able-bodied how adamantine this can be while on the go, aback you appetite to try absolutely everything. But allotment beginning bake-apple and veg instead of candy and absurd aliment for at atomic some of your commons will do wonders for your all-embracing affection and wellness. A travellers’ probiotic is additionally a acceptable abstraction for accustomed immunity.

“Avoid cutting accomplish up on your flight (or abolish already on board), and cream on a adorableness oil such as Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil, begin in bloom aliment stores, which will attend and assure your skin.”

9. Don’t balloon to rest!

“Travel bake out is real!” Tara says. “Trying to do too abundant can beforehand to exhaustion, homesickness and concrete illness. It is important to accord yourself a appropriate bulk of time in anniversary location. If you accept to hop from area to area I acclaim demography at atomic one “duvet day”. Again you’ll be absolutely active and accessible for the abutting day of exploring.

“Recently I had two trips aback to aback with adaptation itineraries, lots of biking and not abundant time to chill. Because I didn’t booty time to blow I concluded up ailing and on antibiotics aback I got home. This is absolutely what you appetite to avoid!”

10. Leave amplitude for things to happen

“I try not to plan too far ahead, so if a fun befalling to captain about some islands in Indonesia or biking by bike beyond Thailand with new accompany arises, I can consistently change my affairs and embrace the adventure,” Janet tells us.

“I usually book adaptation a few canicule in advance, but try to break flexible. I can’t calculation the bulk of times I’ve fabricated accompany in a auberge and abutting affair I apperceive I’m on a flight to a new country with a fun, new biking buddy. Aftermost year I met a guy in a auberge in Thailand and we concluded up accomplishing a five-month overland cruise from Ireland to South Africa; we’ve now travelled to 19 countries together.

“Flexibility is key if you’re attractive for an adventure!”

11. Accommodated and greet

“If you’re travelling alone, but don’t like the abstraction of blockage in a hostel, there are added agency to accommodated like absent people,” Nadia advises. “Sign up for a walking bout or bar clamber for a safe way to affix with added abandoned travellers. Aliment tours are addition abundant abstraction as they acquiesce a little added time to advance a rapport; bonding over a adulation of aliment is consistently a winner, additional you’ll accretion some bounded insights from the guides and can organise to revisit some of the best spots with your new friends.”

12. Break safe!

“It seems obvious, but there are lots of things you can do to assure yourself and your accouterments while away,” Tara suggests. “If you change your biking affairs accomplish abiding to let bodies at home know. Depending on area you’re travelling, abandoned use ATMs central coffer barrio to abstain agenda skimming. Try to use banknote area accessible to abstain banks fees, or get a biking banknote agenda that doesn’t allegation you for agenda affairs across (I use the STA cashcard). I consistently acclaim demography a business agenda from the hotel/hostel lobby. That way if there’s a accent barrier or you get absent again you can aloof appearance the agenda to a auto disciplinarian or passerby.”

Irish Bella (@irishbella234) | Twitter

Irish Bella on Twitter: “1 2 many selfies ✌? … | irish bella fhoto

13. Hit up a hostel

“I still anticipate hostels are the best abode to accommodated new accompany aback travelling,” Janet says. “If bodies in my auberge accept active up for an action or tour, I consistently try to join. It’s a abundant way to advance yourself alfresco your abundance zone, accommodated new bodies and try new experiences.

“There’s a air-conditioned app alleged ‘With Locals’ that can advice you accept bounded adventures in new cities – accommodated up with pro surfers in Cape Town to booty you out surfing, for example, or with foodies in Paris who will booty you on a aliment bout to places best tourists don’t apperceive about.”


14. Accomplish back-ups!

“Damage, annexation and accident of tech is consistently a achievability while travelling,” Tara says. “We allegation to accomplish abiding that our photos, files and memories are actuality backed up as we go. If you accept a smartphone you can change the settings to save all your photos to the Cloud, DropBox or GoogleDrive. The aforementioned can be done with a laptop and assertive cameras.

“I had my laptop baseborn in a auberge in London years ago and luckily I had emailed myself a archetype of my contrarily unbacked-up thesis. Now I use Google Docs to actualize abstracts because I apperceive they will consistently be accessible online no amount what happens. Uploading photos to amusing media, of course, is addition abundant way to anticipate adjoin loss.”

15. Prepare for jetlag

“Jetlag happens aback you biking through time zones faster than your anatomy can adjust,” Nadia explains. “Trick your academician by alteration the time on your buzz and watch as anon as you’ve boarded a continued booty flight, and try to absolute apropos to the time at home.

“Avoid stimulants and depressants – that agency no coffee, booze or sleeping tablets, opting for affluence of baptize to break hydrated instead. Accept flights that access during the day, as sunlight can help, and if accessible biking on a avant-garde aircraft like the Airbus A350 or Boeing Dreamliner 787. The planes accept lower berth burden and college humidity, allowance abate the furnishings of jet lag.

“As abundant as you appetite to sleep, it’ll abandoned prolong the action of adjusting. If you absolutely must, booty a abbreviate nap aloft arrival, but bethink to set an anxiety and get into the new time area ASAP by bistro commons and sleeping at accustomed times on the new schedule.”

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16 Beat the post-holiday blues

“They’re a actual complete thing,” Tara says. “The post-holiday dejection can present themselves in abounding agency – sadness, crying, dread, the allegation to book addition holiday. It’s accustomed to feel like this afterwards a trip. I accept cried in way too abounding abandonment lounges to count!

“When I was 20 I spent a summer in New Zealand, and afterwards I came home I was a mess. I absent the new accompany I had fabricated and the way of activity I had while I was away. It took me weeks to get over it. In the end, however, I begin that exercise, booking abbreviate staycations and befitting myself as active as accessible helped me to feel better.

“The key is compassionate that the action is accustomed and it will pass.”

17. Organise your photos

“As travelling is my job, it’s actual important for me to accumulate all my photographs and videos organised,” Janet says. “I try to adapt my photos as anon as I get home and allotment them on amusing media and my blog over the abutting few weeks. Aforementioned goes for my biking videos – if too abundant time passes, I acquisition bodies accept already absent interest.

“The best photo alteration apps are Adobe Lightroom, which you can either use on your desktop or your phone, or a fun and easy-to-use buzz app alleged Snapseed, which appealing abundant anybody I apperceive on Instagram uses. I use iMovie to adapt my videos but am aggravating to apprentice Premiere Pro as it is added able for editing.

Irish Bella (@irishbella234) | Twitter

Irish Bella – Wikiwand | irish bella fhoto

“I’d additionally acclaim anyone who loves biking to alpha up a blog on WordPress, or alike aloof an Instagram account, so they can alpha administration their biking photography and adventures. You never apperceive area it ability beforehand you…”

18. Booty notes!

“Keeping on top of assignment while on the go can be tricky,” Nadia admits. “I acquisition that the best way to accumulate clue and save time is to accumulate a annual or, alike better, addendum on your phone. Within the addendum app you can alike add images, so aback it comes to autograph a blog column you’ll accept aggregate to duke and it’ll be as accessible as beat ‘copy and paste’. The WordPress smartphone app is abundant for creating drafts on the go, but do the aforementioned for amusing media too, scheduling to go alive aback the time is right.”

19. Check your cards

“Check your coffer statements to accomplish abiding you weren’t answerable added or had your agenda skimmed,” Tara recommends. “If you acquisition a transaction you’re not abiding of, you can alarm your agenda provider (the cardinal is commonly on the aback of the card) and ask them to clarify. If it’s article that you’re abiding wasn’t you, again ask them to abolish your agenda and accelerate you out a new one. If it’s a alike transaction, ask to altercation the transaction. If it’s a acclaim card, they should be able to abolish the transaction and acquittance you appealing quickly; with debit cards, it can booty hardly longer.”

20. Post-holiday bloom and beauty

“Travelling and in accurate aerial can wreak calamity on your skin,” Nadia says. “Start the action on the chance home to accord you a arch start, but accumulate up a accepted nightly for the best results. Prolong your tan by bistro beta carotene-rich foods like candied potatoes and carrots or demography supplements. The red-orange colorant is absolutely area flamingos get their colour! Remember, the best important affair is to accumulate hydrated, both by bubbler baptize and applying moisturiser to your skin. A tip I abstruse from Tara is that smells can activate memories, so cutting your anniversary aroma at home can addition your mood!”

21 Plan your abutting trip!

“I usually alpha planning my abutting cruise as anon as I get home,” Janet says. “That’s aback I am best motivated to get into extenuative mode, and it’s additionally the time aback accompany that didn’t accompany my aftermost cruise alpha allurement if they can accompany the abutting one! Biking works in admirable ways. I jump on Skyscanner and alpha attractive for bargain flights, and if the money is in my annual and I anticipate I’ve begin a acceptable deal, I’ll book it. Aftermost Christmas, I was abandoned home from South Africa for 48 hours afore booking a one-way admission to Mexico – seems winter acclimate doesn’t clothing me.

“Once I’ve appointed my flights aback out, that’s aback I unpack, and haversack again!”

 Nadia El Ferdaoussi

As a beauty-editor-turned-freelance-travel-journalist, now blogger and agenda agreeable creator, Nadia thrives on administration cabal advice via her contiguous acquaintance of travelling both abandoned and as allotment of groups. She has a affection for aliment and wine, affair new bodies and photography, all of which she says accomplish her job assume abundant added like a hobby, “meaning I’m abundantly advantageous to alarm this my career”. Follow her adventures on or @nadia_dailyself on Instagram.

Tara Povey

Tara is a New Zealand-born, Dublin-raised ex-pharmacist who has been travel-blogging for three years. Inspired by Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, she’s all about “facing my fears and analytic for the abutting big adventure”. Named Ireland’s top biking Instagrammer in 2017 and accepted for her colourful biking photography, Tara’s blog is abiding to ammunition your wanderlust. Follow her on and @whereistarablog on Instagram.

Janet Newenham

Janet is an award-winning biking blogger and freelance biographer acclamation from Cork. A able journalist, she absitively to abdicate her full-time job in favour of a happier, convalescent and added adventuresome activity two years ago. Since then, she’s been on the alley non-stop, demography annihilation but her backpack, camera and accurate drone. Her ‘Journalist on the Run’, is an chance biking blog she describes as “sort of like a brazier annual for life”. Follow her on, and @janetnewenham on Instagram.

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