Green Monday: The Capitalist Way of Booking Days

Green Monday is a comparatively new term for many. However when we talk of “Cyber Monday”, things look much familiar. Green Monday is an online retail industry term coined by eBay. This term was used to point to the best sales day of eBay in the month of December.

However the business research organization comScore defines Green Monday as the Monday which is at least 10 days before Christmas. However, it is no so relevant term for many online retailers till now. But with online retailers with big pockets, you can soon see it being another brand day in online retailing.

Will Such Days Become Obsolete or Will They Increase More Consumerism?

One obvious question that arises is – Whether such days will grow in number more and more with growing competition or will the consumers lose interest in such things? However by looking at the present trends, it looks more possible that it will increase the brainwashing of consumers, they will buy products in the name of some X day and then will regret it as being an unnecessary purchase.

The wind of uncontrolled capitalism has already made people to be seen as markets and hence there are also social factors that get associated with it. The “high class living” tag associated with uncontrolled spending makes people to spend mindlessly on products. Some areas like technical products are very much notorious in these things. The speed with which new updates (mainly minor) are added to market same products are leaving the customers in confusing state where the customer gets dissatisfied within months of his purchase by spotting a new functionality in that gadget.

The “reputation tag” of big brands is killing savings of consumers. However, it is true that consumers are free to choose the products but when an environment of “Reputation” is associated with particular product, then blindness follows it.

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